The albergue is exclusively for pilgrims.

The albergue is exclusively for pilgrims. Pilgrims are invited to stay when they start, during and after finishing their camino. Pilgrims are invited to stay multible days to recover and explore Porto.

We opened our doors on the 29th of May 2016, through a private initiative, with the partnership of Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto. We have already welcomed thousands of pilgrims from over 60 countries, and we can’t wait to meet you here too.

We are continuously trying hard to create what a pilgrim needs at the end of each day; a warm caring atmosphere where you can rest and get your energy back for the next day. 

In essence we’re a pilgrim run albergue dedicated to the well-being of fellow pilgrims.  

We are open all year round and you can easily make a reservation with us here on our page. 


1 – Use of mandatory mask in closed common spaces, when entering the Hostel, as well as practicing the recommended social distance.

2 – After entering the Hostel, the Pilgrim must always go to the logistics room, where he should put down his backpack and remove his shoes, placing them in the appropriate and personalized place. During the stay at the Hostel, specific shoes for that purpose must always be worn.

3 – Hands should be washed with soap and / or disinfected with alcohol gel.

4 – Armed with their documents (Passport / ID and Pilgrim Credential), the Pilgrim must go to the reception to proceed to check-in.

5 – Documents will be handled only by the Pilgrim, and the stamp placed by the Hospitaller.

6 – The locker key will be provided, with the respective bed number. These should always be kept sanitized by the respective users, with all necessary material being made available for this purpose.
The allocation of the room will depend on whether the Pilgrim is alone or accompanied, with preference being given to a single room for those who are alone, as well as for individuals considered to be at risk groups. The use of disposable sheets will be optional, since all mattresses are always sanitized after use.

7 – After completing the check-in formalities, The Pilgrim must place the necessary and indispensable items (sleeping bag, change of clothes, hygiene products, telephone charger) in a basket and take it to the room and leave the rest in the locker.

8 – You will be presented with the Hostel, and recommended the preferential use of the garden or the room, during the time of stay, avoiding the closed common areas. Access to magazines and television is temporarily prohibited.
Access to the kitchen will be restricted and can only be used individually for essential tasks.
Bedroom doors should always remain open to avoid touching handles. Blankets are not available.

9 – As in the past, for security reasons, we suggest booking in advance on